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My career at ECS Financial has been a rewarding one so far. The company strives to provide its employees an environment where individuals are valued for their contributions to the overall success of the company. Staff is guided by management in developing their careers and management is guided by the partners to grow into becoming the firms future leaders. I highly recommend ECS as a company where a new employee could have a long lasting career.  
Karen Tworek
What I like about working at ECS is having the privilege of working alongside some very talented and intelligent people. There’s also a variety of different tasks you get to work on, and the managers will help you find out what you enjoy working on the most. Once you find your niche within ECS, the work days always fly by faster than you would imagine.  
Justin Irons
Staff Accountant
If you are looking for fun, challenging environment – ECS is your choice! I love coming to work knowing that I will learn something new. It definitely helps to have fun and creative staff on board as well.  
Galit Shkurenko
Accounting Supervisor
At ECS, I can feel that I am a part of the family. I have the opportunity to explore different kinds of work including tax, accounting and audit. The management values my contribution and cares about my career development.  
Yuman Li
Staff Accountant
I really enjoy the family atmosphere at ECS. I have the opportunity to work directly with the partners and shareholders. ECS provides their staff members with a wide variety of accounting projects ranging from bookkeeping, tax preparation and assurance services. My knowledge of accounting has grown tremendously since starting at ECS.  
Mitch Levin
Staff Acountant
Over the past 28 years of working at ECS, I have had a variety of challenging assignments that have expanded my overall knowledge of accounting, tax and technology, as well developing communication and management skills. ECS fully supports work-life balance and has a management team open to hearing what everyone has to contribute.  
Lisa Wollney
I enjoy working at ECS Financial Services for variety of reasons including the friendly environment, great team working beside me and because I feel encouraged to grow and gain knowledge in different areas of the accounting field. I appreciate the ability to receive help and training from people that are experts in topics I am interested in learning more about.  
Maryana Reshetun
Property Tax Accountant
I joined ECS because I knew they were committed to providing the highest quality audit, review and compilation services to their clients, and providing their professional staff access to all necessary technical resources and the latest technology for research, engagement management, and engagement performance. And since joining, I have been able to add to my industry specialties by learning from the experts in the firm about the equipment leasing business.  
Jan Forgue
Senior Manager - Assurance
We accept resumes on a daily basis for full time or internship
positions within the company.
We accept resumes on a daily basis for full time or internship positions within the company.
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