ECS Financial Services Testimonial Jan Forgue
I joined ECS because I knew they were committed to providing the highest quality audit, review and compilation services to their clients, and providing their professional staff access to all necessary technical resources and the latest technology for research, engagement management, and engagement performance. And since joining, I have been able to add to my industry specialties by learning from the experts in the firm about the equipment leasing business.  
Jan Forgue
Senior Manager - Assurance
ECS Financial Services Testimonial Karen Tworek
My career at ECS Financial has been a rewarding one so far. The company strives to provide its employees an environment where individuals are valued for their contributions to the overall success of the company. Staff is guided by management in developing their careers and management is guided by the partners to grow into becoming the firms future leaders. I highly recommend ECS as a company where a new employee could have a long lasting career.  
Karen Tworek
ECS Financial Services Testimonial Lauren Hall
You all have made my experience as an intern here truly an amazing one. I can’t thank you (ECS) enough for making me feel like I am part of the team (as an intern). I am very grateful for the amount of knowledge I have gained and everything you have taught me this tax season.  
Lauren Hall
Tax Intern
ECS Financial Services Testimonial Nicholas Massoth
ECS has given me exposure to areas of accounting that were new to me while allowing me to work in the areas I've liked the most. ECS has a great in-office work culture that allows me to grow as an employee in and outside of work. I like the atmosphere of our office and how friendly our staff is when collaborating with each other.  
Nicholas Massoth
Staff Acountant
ECS Financial Services Testimonial Cindy Reese
I have been employed at ECS Financial Services for 17 years in an administrative position. If you are looking for fun and challenging environment – ECS is your choice! I love coming to work knowing that I will be challenged. I enjoy working with a fun group of people that have become a second family to me.  
Cindy Reese
Administrative Staff
ECS Financial Services Testimonial Debbie Jordan
When I joined ECS we merged with my boss and 8 other employees. I was coming in at 23 years with them. I came in performing Administrative duties, but ECS has offered so many more opportunities for me. I not only help out the Accountants but I am involved in the Personal Property Department. We have innovative Software at ECS which has broadened my knowledge. We have a Job Scheduling program that is user friendly to keep all jobs current. Our Software for billing is also very good. My tasks are varied and very necessary to the firm. I enjoy the variety of my position. I am now here 8 years after merging with ECS.  
Debbie Jordan
Administrative Staff- Accountancy
ECS Financial Services Testimonial Katie Schmidt
At ECS we strive to provide our clients with excellent customer service. The work environment is very team oriented and we all support each other in order to reach our goals. There is a real sense of unity within the staff.  
Katie Schmidt
ECS Financial Services Testimonial Leanne Armetta
I chose ECS because the tenure of the staff gave me a sense of security that they treat their employees with respect. With the Flextime at ECS, you can create the work life balance you need in your life. This being a new field for me, the open lines of communication with my teammates, makes it easy to stay connected and get answers to questions in a timely manner. I plan to keep growing and expanding my knowledge of the leasing industry.  
Leanne Armetta
Staff Associate
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We accept resumes on a daily basis for full time or internship positions within the company.
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